Around Tulsa

Welcome to Tulsa

Here you will find some interesting information about the main spots of tulsa, as well as get to know about its nightlife and accomodations


Everyone needs to have rest and to relax. We advise you to visit the following places.

The Fenster Museum of Jewish Art The museum exhibits Jewish artifacts and artwork showing Jewish culture over the last 4,000 years. The visitors are limited to the Holocaust display. People get an inside view of Jewish history and culture, and Jews themselves can better understand their own unique heritage.

The Gilcrease Museum The museum houses an extensive collection of art, of manuscripts, artifacts that contain pieces to the story of American history. There are paintings and sculptures with over 10,000 pieces by over 400 artists from all over the United States. Also represented over 25,000 artifacts that reflect life from the Indian tribes to present. There is a collection of over 90,000 manuscripts, which include some signed by Diego Columbus, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. The Gilcrease Museum is a great opportunity to explore American history.

The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame It is Oklahoma's greatest gospel, jazz and blues music and musicians. Such the greats like Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Dizzy Gillespie brought their talents to Tulsa. The Hall of Fame has a musical library and art gallery of sculptures and portraits, which honour these great musicians.